Manchester gets a taste of Hawaii

Welcome to Oké Poké

Oké Poké has finally arrived in Manchester, serving up traditional Hawaiian street food, fresh juices and protein shakes to help boost a healthy lifestyle. You can choose from an array of fresh ingredients to either create your own dish or simply order one of the amazing Poké bowls/Pokérito’s.

Oké Poké is the perfect place to enjoy some healthy Hawaiian food no matter what the time. Open from 11:30 – 21:00 every day, the new space offers a seat for around 20 people at any one time, but all of the food comes ready to take out as well.

Don’t feel like moving? Don’t panic! Oké Poké works with Deliveroo and UberEats to bring you your favourite Poké dishes directly to you.

What to expect from Oké Poké

But what actually is Poké? Poké (Poh-Kay) is a tasty Hawaiian street food that is one of the more traditional cuisines from the Island. It can be mistaken as sushi, but don’t get confused. Unlike sushi that is cut into thin raw fish strips, Poké is served as chunks of raw fish.

A Poké bowl is typically made up of sushi rice, your choice of fish (sashimi, tuna or salmon), chicken or tofu, then all you need to do is to add the toppings of your choice.

Simple, delicious and soulful.

Poké is a healthy food option

All of the fish at Oké Poké is delivered fresh to the restaurant daily, to ensure that you get the freshest and tastiest ingredients as possible. The chicken is free range and cooked on site using no oils which makes it a healthy choice to add to your Poké bowl or Pokérito.

From the start of April 2017, you will be able to find Oké Poké on Church Street in the Northern Quarter. Come say ‘Aloha’ and experience some true Hawaiian food in the heart of Manchester.

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