Where did Poké come from?

You might be wondering, ‘what exactly is Poké?’ and ‘why should I be bothered about trying it?’. Well, we thought we would give you a little background on where Poké came from and the reasons why it is a great alternative to your regular lunch.

Poké isn’t a new dish to enter the world – it has been a centuries-old tradition on the Hawaiian Island. It originally consisted of scraps of reef fish and seaweed, simple ingredients that were readily available to most people. According to some food historians, they believe the name ‘Poké’ only arrived during the 1960’s. Poké which translates as ‘chunk’, is now made up of a variety of ingredients, the most common being ‘Ahi’ (raw tuna). As more cultures came to Hawaii access to deep water fish became easier, which made Poké change from scraps of reef fish to raw tuna.

The Poké Craze

Poké soon started to spread across the west coast of America and into the bowls of those living in LA and San Francisco. Just recently it has become a big market in New York with restaurants popping up all over the city. As this happens people are adding their own twists to the dish, such as replacing the ‘Ahi’ with other ingredients like tofu and chicken.

In Hawaii, Poké is still a massive part of the diet. You will be able to find multiple choices in every supermarket you go to, as well as most restaurants. It’s also a dish that is still used at Luaus, family dinners and any type of event where family and friends come together.

To a lot of Hawaiians, Poké is seen as a snack food, something you eat on the go. But with the introduction of larger portions, bowls and Pokérito’s, it has soon become a full meal to be enjoyed.

Why you should try our Poké

We are incredibly proud of the traditional and original dishes we offer at Oké Poké, and we are very excited to share the amazing cuisine with Manchester. It is a healthier option for lunch and dinner and will fill you with energy to go about your day. Alongside the Poké we are also serving fresh juices, smoothies, protein shakes and infused teas to make your meal that little bit more complete.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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